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SmartWaste's positive impact on the industry

net zero carbon with SmartWaste

Establishing a carbon baseline / 1.45 million tonnes of CO2 from energy reported

Waste diverted from landfill with smartwaste

89 million tonnes of waste reported with 90% of that diverted from landfill

£300 billion in project value using smartwaste

27,637 projects completed with  over £305 billion in contract value


3,782 BREEAM projects completed with a potential of 41,602 credits

Transforming waste management, environmental monitoring, and sustainability in construction

SmartWaste isn’t just software. We’re a software platform on a mission to empower the construction, property development, management, and offsite manufacturing sectors to reduce waste, control environmental impacts, and boost sustainability. Our technology helps your business meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, reach net-zero carbon targets, and comply with BREEAM requirements.

Experience the SmartWaste advantage

SmartWaste turns sustainability challenges into strategic opportunities




  • User-friendly interface
    Navigate with ease, saving time and effort.
  • Robust reporting
    Gain detailed insights to shape your sustainability strategy.
  • Unparalleled customer support
    We stand by you every step of the way.
  • Industry benchmarks
    Understand your position and set your goals.

Our promise to you 


SmartWaste leads the way in waste management, environmental monitoring, and sustainability software. We offer user-friendly interfaces, in-depth reporting, unmatched customer support, and modules for comprehensive data collection and comparison against industry benchmarks. We turn your waste management, environmental challenges, and sustainability into strategic advantages.



Explore our features and capabilities

Waste diverted from landfill with smartwasteWaste tracking and reporting:

Our advanced tracking tools enable real-time monitoring and detailed reporting on all waste types,  routes, and waste management carriers and brokers across your projects.

Carbon and energy reporting:

Manage and report on your project’s full carbon footprint across energy usage, embodied carbon of materials, carbon from waste treatment, carbon from delivered water, and transport.

compliance and esg reporting with smartwasteCompliance and ESG reporting:

With SmartWaste, meeting ESG, BREEAM, and other compliance targets is straightforward. Get clear, actionable insights into your project’s sustainability performance and evidence of compliance.

smartwaste list of featuresOther key features:

SmartWaste also helps with materials management, biodiversity & ecological management, social value evaluation, pre-demolition & pre-refurbishment audits, and more. Integration with third-party software applications is also possible through our Application Programme Interface (API).

Ready to make sustainability a reality with SmartWaste? 

Stride forward towards a more sustainable, waste free, zero carbon future. View the product demo, schedule a consultation with our team, contact us for more information for a comprehensive understanding of SmartWaste’s’ capabilities.

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Immerse yourself in the world of SmartWaste. View our glossary for a comprehensive overview of our product, features, and how we’re reshaping waste management and sustainability in the construction industry.

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