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Join the global shift towards net-zero carbon targets in the construction, property development and offsite manufacturing sectors. SmartWaste’s cutting-edge software solutions empower your business to not only adapt to change but to pioneer future sustainability.

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SmartWaste helps you achieve Net Zero targets

We offer comprehensive solutions that align your construction projects with global sustainability trends. Our smart modules meticulously track and manage waste, materials, and transport, providing crucial data to optimise your environmental performance.

Simplify your ESG reporting with SmartWaste

We make essential Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting an easy part of modern construction project management. Capture and manage data related to waste generation and disposal, materials sourcing and usage, biodiversity, social value and transport emissions, all contributing to your ESG performance.

Reduce waste with intelligent data capture

Our waste management software, integrated with carriers, provide actionable data on waste creation and disposal. Detailed and customisable reports will help identify trends and opportunities for waste reduction, driving down costs and enhancing sustainability.

SmartWaste is the perfect tool to capture project compliance data such as waste carrier permits and licences, and waste transfer notes. It has supported Kier’s approach to sustainability, helping to enhance our reputation by demonstrating compliance and Duty of Care. By contributing to people’s understanding SmartWaste has delivered dependable and visible processes that have resulted in greater efficiencies and lower operational costs.

Tom Howden, Head of Environment and Sustainability, Kier Infrastructure

Optimise materials management with SmartWaste

Our software tracks the use, responsible sourcing and embodied carbon of materials. By capturing and analysing this data, you can ensure efficient use of resources, reduce carbon, and enhance project sustainability.

Discover success stories in sustainable construction


Companies, operating internationally and in the UK, have used SmartWaste to meet their net-zero carbon targets successfully. Explore our case studies to learn how our innovative construction waste management solutions have transformed businesses and achieved sustainability goals.


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SmartWaste: your partner in green construction


SmartWaste is committed to helping construction companies navigate the path to sustainability. Our tools provide the data and insights needed to make informed decisions that reduce environmental impact, optimise efficiency, and contribute to net-zero carbon targets.

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